Aug 2018 Update

Just an update of the tank and Arowana. After a long time, I think I’ve got a handle on the algae and plant growth issues. The plants are doing much better now and the annoying brown algae is retreating week by week. The only algae that is still persistent and hard to get rid off …

Rusting Cheeks

A brief update of the arowana. A few months ago, its cheeks started to ‘rust’ (i.e. develop its namesake colouring). The rusting is progressing well, with most of the lower rows of scales rusting at the rims.



The arowana is growing nicely but seems to have developed a protruding lower jaw. Was told by Gan of Gan Aquarium that a shrimp diet will cause this due to the calcium in their shells. I am not feeding shrimp, but I was dosing Seachem Equilibrium for Calcium and Magnesium for a while for the plants. That might have been the cause in this case. I’ve stopped that, so I hope the condition will resolve itself. Keep reading →