Will the arowana damage/destroy the plants?

My first arowana was a juvenile, about 8 inches long, when I introduced it to my planted tank. It adapted well and never tried to purposely remove or destroy the plants. There are many other people who successfully keep arowanas in planted tanks.

My current arowana was also introduced into a fully planted tank as a juvenile. It is mostly living peacefully with the plants.

The main cause of plant damage by my arowanas are when they try to eat a fish that was resting on a large leaf or trying to escape through some plants. My current red, though, has been observed trying to remove some of the taller plants in its way. So far no significant damage caused by either fishes that are obvious.

As far as I know, arowanas do not make “nests” like some species of Cichlids and other fishes, hence will not instinctively try to move your tank contents around. However, I have read a few posts where plants were introduced into the tank of an adult arowana which had been living in the same tank for many years. Those arowanas did not like the intrusion and pretty much destroyed the plants.

My personal take: if you have an older arowana that has been living in the same bare tank for many years, then you will have to test its tolerance with a few cheap plants on wood or in pots first.